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All-Ireland Pollinator Plan

One third of our bee species is threatened with extinction from Ireland. This is because we have drastically reduced the amount of food (flowers) and safe nesting sites in our landscapes. The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan is about all of us, from farmers to local authorities, to schools, gardeners and businesses, coming together to try to create an Ireland where pollinators can survive and thrive. The first Plan covered the period 2015-2020 and a new version has been developed for 2021-2025.

Clóna Dairy Products Ltd. is one of over 370 business supporters now taking actions.

The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan which runs from 2021-2025 is aligned with ISO 14001:2015 and key UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The following stats highlight the reason for the Plan’s existence:

Crop Security

71 of the 100 crops which provide 90% of the world’s food supply are animal pollinated and, 78% of European flowering plant species are animal pollinated.

Pollinator Threat

There are 98 species of wild bees on the island comprising 77 solitary bees and 21 bumble bees, one third of which is under threat of extinction.   

To find out more about the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan visit www.pollinators.ie
if you are interested join the new 'Pledge Your Garden' (Pots/Planters) initiative here: All-Ireland Pollinator Plan - www.pollinators.ie/gardens.


All-Ireland Polinator Plan 2021-2025 - Certificate of Participation.